How it Works

Social Media fundraising has proven to be the EASIEST, FASTEST AND MOST PROFITABLE way to earn money for organizations. 

It doesn't matter if you are an individual needing to raise some money for a special need or if you are a small, medium or large organization- anyone can do this. There is absolutely no risk for you- no money out of pocket, no handling products and no delivering. 


Step 1) Reach out to me: 

Step 2) After I have confirmed your organization/individual, fundraising dates and goal, I will have you browse my Fundraising Collection page and then YOU DECIDE what you would like to offer to your supporters.  

Step 3) I will create your personalized landing page with a custom catalog of the items you chose.  You will have your own link to post and ask for support. Here is what the landing page might look like:

Fundraiser Landing Page


To get a closer look, click here: Kyla's Cheer Team Fundraiser

It's as easy as that! We will even create a social media posting template for you like this one:

How It Works

*Upon request, we may send you code cards to hand out

Anything that your supporters buy will be delivered straight to their door 2-3 weeks later, typically.   We will send a Thank you email to recipients on your behalf.

Step 4) We will send you a check, about a week after the fundraiser has ended along with a detailed ledger of purchases and contributions.

Here are the benefits for you:

  • BIG Returns- most items earn you $7-12
  • NO going door-to-door (unless you would like to)
  • NO delivering or ever even handling a product
  • Supporters have the option to browse lots of cool stuff that they will like- It's a WIN-WIN!